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High-Tech Surroundings for the Tron Premiere with MicroTiles

59 Display Modules were Installed at the Karo Film Oktyabr Cinema Theatre

Tron Array

Quick Facts

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    ETC Russia

  • Location

    Moscow, Russia

  • Configuration

    57 x Christie Microtiles

The premier showing of the new 3D Disney blockbuster TRON: Legacy took place on December 17, 2010 at the KARO FILM Oktyabr cinema theatre. The film is the continuation of the original sci-fi film of the 80’s about cyberspace. To create the appropriate atmosphere on the day of the premiere, of one of the most awaited and spectacular films of the year, Christie MicroTiles™ displays were installed in the lobby of the cinema theatre. It is the first time MicroTiles have been used for the promo action of a film in Russia.

Smart Look advertising agency, as the project manager, took care of the Oktyabr lobby design by employing digital media. Big Screen Service supplied the MicroTiles and ETC Russia created the content.

Two areas of the cinema theatre featured MicroTiles module digital displays. The main video wall installed on the first floor comprised 41 MicroTile modules. There, on the non-standard screen, scenes from the film were displayed accompanied by the original Daft Punk soundtrack and dynamic, bright images tuned the visitors into the anticipation of an interesting show.

Natalia Valieva, Smart Look General Director specialising in new media and, in particular, digital technology (Digital Out of Home – DOOH), said: “For this film premiere The Walt Disney Company aspired to use the most advanced and technological features to create the feeling of immersion into the virtual world. Christie MicroTiles is the right tool for the solution – fantastically bright, next to “live” images makes the viewers notice them and the ability to configure the screen into any shape allows the implementation of many creative ideas. For this reason, the display modules were decided upon for the project.”

Video files were displayed in .mov format with Full HD (1920х1080) resolution aided by an external control unit (ECU) using Mac Mini as the signal source.

The display modules were incorporated into the existing architecture of the premises, positioned as decoration for the three pillars of the lobby at the entrance to the cinema theatre on the second floor. Each pillar consisted of six display modules used to show “Tron: Legacy” excerpts. The video files were also shown in .mov format but with 360×1620 resolution.

Andrey Efarov, ETC Russia Technical Director, noted: “The obvious advantage of the new display technology is its outstanding features both in colour rendition and resolution. Moreover, the structure appears to be practically seamless at that. One more factor of high importance is a wide viewing angle – a very valuable feature in places where many people get together.”

Speaking about the specifics of content creation, Andrey underlined that despite the fact that the screen resolution meant it wasn’t possible to use in full and the image had to be stretched out three and a half times (the original video content was presented in Full HD and the actual resolution was 5040х3780 pixels), the image on the screen was still clear: “The colour saturation and colour gamma used by the film makers, no doubt, made it easier for us to show the most spectacular moments in an ideal way.”

ETC Russia specialists prepared special structures to install the MicroTile modules – a wall for a large screen and some special frameworks for the pillars. “The Low weight of the module displays made it possible to make the structures fairly light and the delivery and installation, naturally, was easier for us. This is a very important factor for successful rental solutions. We hope that the viewers who attended the film show felt overwhelmed with bright emotions even before entering the cinema hall.”

“It’s worth noting that the MicroTiles modules display structure attracted the attention of the guests who arrived for the premiere: this central display of exclusive shape was appealing to many films stars who were photographed and interviewed in front of it. “This “digital canvass” to some extent substituted a traditional guest walk background”, said Natalia Valieva. “The audience clearly appreciated the move of the premiere organisers to create the air of high technology and futuristic design that is part and parcel of the film, and MicroTiles successfully matched the atmosphere.”

Anastasia Kuznetsova, Art Director of KARO FILM, said: “Relying on our experience with the Tron premiere, we can affirm that the video walls made up of MicroTiles display modules open up new marketing opportunities for cinema theatres. This technology is extraordinary flexible in terms of choosing the shape of display and it can be customised for each particular premiere, each time offering new surprises to regular guests and new visitors.”

The premiere showing of Tron: Legacy was held in one of the most successful Russian Multiplex cinema theatres with Christie projection equipment too. Two Christie Solaria CP2230 projector,s with 3D content show system XpanD 3D, were installed in the first hall of the KARO FILM Octyabr cinema center in the autumn of 2010.

Adil Zerouali, Christie Regional Director in Eastern Europe and Russia, pointed out: “MicroTiles today are the most advanced solution for tasks of this kind – they enable creative staff to avoid standard solutions of rectangular screens, making instead unique frameworks for each new project.”

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