Vivid digital displays should be part of your blueprint. Create them with compact, modular MicroTiles in any size or shape, for a virtually seamless, high definition visual solution that blends into your architectural design.

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9 x MICROTILES Display Unit D100
9 x MICROTILES Screen S300
2 x MICROTILES Foot/Ends
1 x MICROTILES Foot/Center 3pck

Architects who need to show innovation in their designs are incorporating MicroTiles into their blueprints.

MicroTileTheir shallow depth (260mm) means they fit in where similar display solutions don’t – such as embedded into the front of a reception desk, or counter. MicroTiles can blend into your design, enhancing it, not limiting it.

The modular nature of MicroTiles enables displays of any size or shape to be constructed easily, tiles snapping together like building blocks, with seams of just 1mm. Unlike other tiled display solutions, MicroTiles won’t hold your design back, by requiring special supporting frames or racks.

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MicroTiles Technology

Solid-state design and an LED light source make Christie MicroTiles virtually maintenance free. Capable of running 24/7 for over seven years, before reaching half-brightness, makes them ideal for architectural installations, where a long-life, reliable solution helps keep maintenance and the total cost of ownership to a minimum.

When maintenance is required, their design allows for easy front access, and the ability to repair a tile without taking the whole display offline. Minimal maintenance and downtime saves both time and money.

Durability and low power requirements gives Christie MicroTiles an impressively small carbon footprint, making them an ideal choice for any building where environmental standards must be met.

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MicroTiles Awards

Plan and visualise your Christie MicroTiles projects with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer™ software.

You’ll find these free tools in our Resources & Tools sections.

The AutoDesk® ReVit® families of common MicroTiles configurations and accessories are available as 3D drawings combined with valuable information such as power consumption, weight, or user-defined parameters like array height and width. These high-quality digital product models enable you to plan and visualize and analyze entire projects utilising Christie MicroTiles.

Download ReVit® files

You’ll find these free tools in our Resources section.

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When designing digital signage built into architecture, getting your message easily seen by the widest possible audience is critical. Christie MicroTiles makes this easy with its bright, high contrast displays, wide viewing angle, and a pixel pitch unrivalled by comparable solutions.

Flight DepartureBright displays with a rich colour gamut help capture attention, even in high ambient light environments, such as public concourses. Christie MicroTiles’ automatic calibration ensures that the display remains readable.

A viewing angle of 180º lets people read your message without having to be directly in front of the display, and the high pixel density of a MicroTiles display makes legible from any distance.

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Are you interested in finding out more about the technology behind MicroTiles?

MicroTiles Technology

London Stock Exchange capitalises on largest ever MicroTiles display

Case Study

Show how London Stock Exchange revamped its opening ceremony with 508 MicroTiles.

London Stock Exchange – Case Study

Download The BlueBook.

For more in depth technical information on this impressive project download The BlueBook.

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