Control Rooms

In monitoring and control environments, it’s vital that the whole team can see the full picture easily in order to aid decision-making. Designed for reliable 24/7 operation, MicroTiles have the super-fine pixel pitch that leaves no detail behind.

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25 x MICROTILES Display Unit D100
25 x MICROTILES Screen S300
5 x MICROTILES Foot/Ends
2 x MICROTILES Foot/Center 3pck

In data and video monitoring applications, every detail counts. Whether its high-definition video to ensure public safety, multi-screen monitoring of television broadcasts or detailed numerical data for a transport network, you want the best possible image.

With physical pixels of just 0.5mm, Christie MicroTiles have the finest pixel pitch in their class. This means displays with 2500 pixels per square inch that give you a more detailed image than LED walls, laser phosphor displays, LCD panels or plasma screens. For example, our 720x540px tiles have more than twice as many pixels as an LPD tile.

MicroTiles Technology

LED illumination combined with DLP projection gives a solid image with a rich colour gamut. Self-aware MicroTiles ensure image quality is maintained across the array.

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The compact design of Christie MicroTiles makes them an ideal solution for video wall installations where space is at a premium. Each tile is just 260mm (10”) deep, and without the need for additional cooling systems or rear access for maintenance, requires minimal space behind it. This means MicroTiles displays can be situated in many more locations than traditional large format display walls.

Their compact size also means that designers are not tied to conventional rectangular display shapes, and can easily create video walls that exactly suit the needs of the application rather than the limitations of the display technology.

Once your data monitoring installation is built, keeping operational costs to a minimum becomes an important a consideration. The solid-state nature of Christie MicroTiles, combined with their long-life LED light source, means that maintenance costs are far below those of a conventional video wall display.

LED illumination is energy efficient, yet produces a vivid display with brightness that can be manually lowered to match the ambient light, and an economy mode for even greater energy savings.

Energy EfficiencyMicroTiles’ low heat output removes the need for additional cooling systems, often required for other large display formats. This also helps lower operating costs.

Plan and visualise your Christie MicroTiles projects with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer™ software.

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You’ll find these free tools in our Resources section.

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Case study –  The St Petersburg Ring Road is the major component of the city’s road network. The new Control Room is the most important part of the project, and the video wall created from 72 MicroTiles gives a precise, bright, detailed image in high resolution, 24/7.