Corporate Experiences

Let visitors see your brand and message correctly the moment they walk through your doors. In corporate lobbies, hallways, public concourses or meeting rooms, MicroTiles displays help deliver your message reliably, in rich colour.

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7 x MICROTILES Display Unit D100
7 x MICROTILES Screen S300
1 x MICROTILES Foot/Ends

The compact, lightweight, building-block nature of MicroTiles means that they mount easily on a wide variety of flat surfaces, at any angle, or simply snap together to form a free-standing display, that requires no special racking or support frames. This versatility allows you to position your digital display for maximum impact.


MicroTiles’ high brightness, rich colour gamut and ultra-fine 0.5mm pixel pitch means that visitors are able to read your message from any distance. Their 180° viewing angle, and shallow 260mm depth, makes them ideal for displaying information, way-finding, timetables or your message in even the narrowest of corridors.


247The solid-state design of Christie MicroTiles, combined with their LED light source, makes them purpose-built for the reliable 24/7 operation required in control room applications. Each tile is rated at 65,000 hours, that’s over seven years continuous operation, before reaching half brightness, making them almost maintenance free.

When they do need servicing, front access makes on-site repairs fast and convenient.  There is no need to take the whole display offline, just the affected tiles, so mission-critical monitoring can continue uninterrupted. Major components can be replaced within an average of 15 minutes, saving time and money, without disrupting vital services.

Designers can really express their creativity when conceiving digital displays for corporate lobbies and public spaces, using MicroTiles. Their modular nature means that they’re not limited to large rectangular displays. Content creators can develop media that compliments the shape of the display, and can rely on rich colours, high brightness and high resolution to show their work, and your brand, as they envisaged it.

This versatile and creative approach allows MicroTiles to be used in a far more varied and exciting ways than traditional digital displays, and with addition of our Interactivity Kit, the possibilities are endless.

Plan and visualise your Christie MicroTiles projects with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer™ software.

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You’ll find these free tools in our Resources section.

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