Christie MicroTiles provide the capability to capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it, without having to worry if there is a technology out there worthy of displaying your content. Uniting spectacular colours, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual solution can; MicroTiles are designed to meet your needs.


Christie MicroTiles – build beautiful digital displays.

Christie’s MicroTiles offer a unique proposition for digital display solutions.

MicroTiles use tried and tested technologies; LED illumination and DLP projection, brought together to give detailed rich, colourful, and bright image quality in a modular display system.

247With the finest pixel-pitch available of any product in their class, MicroTiles offer over 2500 pixels per square inch. Solid state design gives the ultimate in reliability and long lifespan, even running 24/7.


Easy to install, MicroTiles use a snap-together building block system, making it easy to quickly build up displays of any size or shape. Their compact size, with a depth of only 260mm (10”) means that Christie MicroTiles can go places where similar display solutions just can’t.

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Christie Interactivity Kit

The Christie Interactivity Kit uses a breakthrough technology that allows multiple users to interact simultaneously with content on your Christie MicroTiles array or on any large-format video wall.

From broadcast sets that react to the touch of presenters, to interactive public touchscreen wayfinding that imparts information to customers, the Christie Interactivity Kit will let your MicroTiles display respond to the world around it.

Multi-touch Technology

The ground breaking technology adds multi-touch capability to a Christie MicroTiles installation, giving it the ability to handle many simultaneous touch gestures.

Add accurate pinch, stretch, rotate, flick and scrolling gestures, to give your MicroTiles display highly responsive interactivity.

Multi-touch capability that adds more touch points are the display grows, means that a single display can handle multiple users interacting with it simultaneously.

Combine multi-user input, with the brilliance and durability of Christie MicroTiles, and you’ve got an interactive display solution that’s only limited by your imagination.

Any Size, Any Shape

Unlike a lot of comparable solutions on the market, the Christie Interactivity Kit works with potentially any size or shape of display wall.

Just like Christie MicroTiles, the Interactivity Kit uses a snap-together modular approach that makes it easy to add dynamic functionality to any shape of display.

A display 6 modules wide has 9 touches and a display 12 modules wide has up to 18 touches.

Ready for Action

Whether you’re running Windows 7 or Mac OS X, the Christie Interactivity Kit fit right in, being recogniised as a touchscreen device, without the need for any special software.

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Focus on creativity

Christie JumpStart has been purpose-built to be simple to use, with a drag-and-drop interface, designed to take the worry out of content management, allowing you to focus on creating great content for your display.

Power and versatility

The JumpStart content solution comes with a powerful media server allowing you to manage content from a wide variety of professional and consumer grade sources on a 5-10 megapixel digital canvas. JumpStart can deal with four video inputs

Christie Jumpstart has a simple, consistent front-end playback so what you see as you design, is what you get. Place and scale windows quickly and effortlessly anywhere on your canvas. You can also control Christie JumpStart locally or from a remote computer.

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Spyders are used by industry professionals in many markets including broadcast, rental staging and video wall management. With three times the pixels of any other presentation system Christie Spyders are a perfect match for the high definition displays achieved with MicroTiles.


Blend images, video and data from a wide range of sources with ease. Control output to multiple displays with these powerful video processors.

The Christie Spyder X20 allows an easy mix and match of multiple effects including:

  • picture-in-picture
  • animation
  • image cropping

Easy to deploy and install, the Christie Spyder X20 takes up less space than most of the competition.

Christie Spyder X20 – Download the brochure

The power of a hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher. It offers 20 megapixel bandwidth to to blend, window, mix and scale any source format and then route the signal to any destination device or combination of display devices – quickly and easily.

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Full product details are also available via the Christie EMEA website