Total Cost of Ownership

What do we mean by Total Cost of Ownership?

An item’s total cost of ownership (TCO) incorporates the initial purchase price and installation cost plus all the other costs associated with using or maintaining that item over its lifetime. A TCO analysis frequently reveals there can be a large difference between the initial price of something and its long-term cost.

Benchmark Comparision products
Number of units
Square meters per unit
Square meters of display area
Estimated total system hardware cost
Total system hardware cost divided by number of units
Salvage value at end of operating lifetime
Amortized hardware replacement costs per year
Warranty (years)
Installation labor, person-minutes per unit
Maintenance labor, person-minutes per service event
Average power consumption at max brightness
Average operating brightness level
Total cost of ownership calculation MicroTiles 50" Cube LPD
Upfront hardware and labor costs
Lifetime operating and cooling energy costs
Lifetime replacement and maintenance costs
Salvage value
Total cost of ownership
Compared with benchmark
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Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a financial measure of all the relevant costs associated with a particular asset. There is no "right" way to calculate TCO; it should include all the direct and indirect costs which you consider to be incremental and relevant to your particular situation.

The following calculator is provided as a reference only. Although every effort has been made to be fair, complete, and up to date, the methodology and variables used in this calculator are not guaranteed to be error free and are subject to change without notice. Users can make adjustments to the inputs and the calculation method, and should take care to ensure any resulting analysis is fair and reasonable.