Why MicroTiles?

Connect your brand with its audience through scalable interactive smart displays that can be adapted to create any shape desired, fit into any setting, and keep running for over seven years.

Adaptability, Flexibility, Ease of Use

MicroTiles can be deployed faster than the competition, with no reliance special frames or racks. Tiles snap together and auto calibrate as they join the array.

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Environmentally Friendly

Find out how RoHS compliant MicroTiles meet the “Three Rs” of environmental responsibility by reducing power consumption, reuse of configurable displays and construction from recyclable materials.

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Image Quality

LED illumination combined with DLP projection gives a solid image with a rich colour gamut. Self-aware MicroTiles ensure image quality is maintained across the array.

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A solid-state design, lit by LED means that the DLP projection of MicroTiles remains consistent and dependable, with a long lifespan suitable for 24/7 operation.

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