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Christie is committed to green and sustainable design. MicroTiles, made from highly recyclable, RoHS compliant materials, follow this ethos. They’re virtually maintenance free, use no consumables, and have been officially recognised for their eco-design.

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11 x MICROTILES Display Unit D100
11 x MICROTILES Screen S300
2 x MICROTILES Foot/Ends

Their solid-state design and LED light source, make Christie MicroTiles an energy efficient digital display solution. Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to compromise on brightness.

MicroTiles achieve 1.4 candelas per Watt, giving you a vivid display from modest power consumption. Brightness can be manually lowered to match the ambient light environment and lower energy use, or engage Economy mode for even greater energy savings and increased product lifespan.

Energy EfficiencyMicroTiles low heat output means there’s no need for the additional cooling systems often required for other large display formats. Reduced cooling requirements make for further energy efficiency.

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MicroTiles Technology

Christie MicroTiles offer a sustainable solution for digital displays.  They contain materials that are 80% recyclable, 90% reclaimable and have no phosphors, mercury or toxic liquid coolants.

MicroTiles are fully RoHS compliant, conforming to the European Union (EU) Directive 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).


MicroTiles are built to last, and have a lifespan of 65,000 hours to half brightness, at which point their LED light source can be fully reconditioned to offer a further seven years of continuous illumination. This, plus the ability for displays to be reconfigured and tiles redeployed, all adds to their sustainability.

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Are you interested in finding out more about the technology behind MicroTiles?
MicroTiles Technology

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In April 2011, Christie MicroTiles received “Eco-Design” honours as part of the prestigious Janus Industrial Design Award from the Institut Français du Design.

Supported by the Agency for Environmental and Energy Management (ADEME), the IFD’s Janus Eco-Design designation seeks to promote products and services with reduced environmental impact, beginning with the selection of materials, through the manufacturing stage, the product’s distribution and use by the consumer, all the way to the end of its useful life.

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