MicroTiles combine long life LED illumination that can run for over seven years before reaching half brightness, and dependable DLP projection, with a MTBF of 65,000 hours, to give you one of the most reliable digital display solutions available.

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9 x MICROTILES Display Unit D100
9 x MICROTILES Screen S300
3 x MICROTILES Foot/Ends
1 x MICROTILES Foot/Center 3pck

One of the key factors in the reliability of MicroTiles, is Christie’s choice of the technologies they’re based on – DLP projection and LED illumination.

Christie was one of the first two Texas Instruments DLP* licensees, and a pioneer in its use in projection.  Since then we have been seeking to continually innovate in the field of DLP projection.

Christie also lead the way in LED illumination, with its award-winning Christie Entero™ Series – the first LED ultra-high resolution DLP display system.

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Want to find out more about Christie’s history of firsts and industry awards in both DLP and LED?

MicroTiles Awards

247The solid-state design and LED light engines used in Christie MicroTiles allow them to run 24/7 for over seven years, before reaching half-brightness. Even then, their LED light source can be reconditioned for another 65,000 hours of faithful service.

Their durable nature and easy assembly makes them perfect for the rental staging events. Throughout their life, MicroTiles can be repurposed and redeployed quickly, as often as needed, and use no lamps or other consumables, making them the display solution that gives you an increased the return on your investment with minimal overhead costs.

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MicroTiles Technology

If MicroTiles ever do need servicing, front access makes on-site repairs fast and convenient. They’re designed so that no special tools or lifting equipment is required to service them, and typically, any MicroTiles component can be replaced in under 15 minutes.

There’s no need to take the whole display offline, just the affected tiles. As tiles re-join the array, they are calibrated to match it for colour and brightness. All of this saves you time and money.

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Are you interested in finding out more about the technology behind MicroTiles?

MicroTiles Technology